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Strengthen your business with the power of virtual IT staff recruitment that offers cost-efficiency, quality, and competitive-edge in the marketplace. 

Your Reliable Back Office Support Services Provider

We are the providers of back office recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services for building specialized and dedicated back office support teams for a wide range of clients across the globe. Our expert team specializes in human resources (HR) management, recruitment and virtual assistance services for all types and sizes of companies. Our company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our expert services offer greater price/quality ratio and fairly competitive rates as compared to many companies in Canada, USA, Western Europe, and other major regions in the world.

Additional benefits offered by our outsourcing back office services are listed below:
– Faster hiring process
– Fixed prices without any hidden charges
– Fully managed services
– Support for multiple industries
– Highly tailored HR solutions
– On-demand recruitment options
– Dedicated back office teams

Top RPO Staffing/Recruitment Services We Offer

We are a virtual talent acquisition specialist team that provides you with a fully managed recruitment process outsourcing service to leverage the most desirable benefits of remote hiring. The RPO staffing service we offer is more beneficial to your business than in-house recruitment due to numerous reasons such as highly flexible and scalable service, saves substantial cost, access to required expertise and technologies, and others. The most important RPO staffing and recruitment services offered by our dedicated human resources staffing service are mentioned below:

Talent Attracting and Sourcing Services

According to the latest research, 1 out of 4 employees are planning to switch jobs in the USA. This situation is not very different in many other countries. We provide specialized services for attracting and sourcing the employees in such a way that a great reputation and brand value develop in the minds of the employees for your company.

On-Demand Recruitment

Our HR outsourcing services provide you with the most flexible on-demand recruitment. You can choose any kind of back-office staff and types of employment; we are capable of sourcing and recruiting the staff as per your changing requirements with a very fast turnaround time.

IT Talent Headhunting

The main focus of our hiring professionals is on sourcing and recruiting the best IT talent for our clients so that they get a competitive-edge in their respective businesses. This makes us one of the most reliable recruiting back office provider in Europe.

Executive Search for Rare Specialists

It is very difficult to find CTOs and rare specialists that possess domain-specific technologies and expertise, especially for small and medium sized enterprises, in the competitive HR marketplace. Our expert virtual recruiters search for the rarest specialists suitable for your business at affordable rates.

Employer Branding Services

Figuring out the most attractive aspects, qualities, and characteristics of an employer that directly relate to the benefits of employees/contractors and building a cohesive story attractive to the employees and partners is known as employer branding. We are experts at providing high-class employer branding services to our valued clients.

Talent Advisory Services

Other than virtual IT recruiter, we provide talent advisory and consultancy services for choosing the most suitable roles and employees that not only fill the job position but provide the strategic value for achieving the future goals of your business. Our virtual headhunter team specializes in the most strategic talent advisory service.

Major Remote HR Services We Offer

We are specialists in providing a wide range of remote HR services to our valued clients to help them achieve the most desirable business bottom lines. Hiring a remote human resources manager offers numerous benefits as compared to hire HR manager on-premises: it saves substantial cost, improves scalability, enhances flexibility, there are no graphical to search for talent but reduced legalities and regulations. The most important remote HR services offered by our remote talent sourcer team are mentioned below:

HR Outstaffing Service

We specialize in HR outstaffing service for our clients. We hire a fully managed and dedicated remote team based on an outstaffing model of hiring with full control of the client on the remote team. It is a more attractive model of remote hiring for numerous enterprises to outstaff than to outsource HR services remotely.

HR Strategic Consulting Services

We analyze and assess the entire spectrum of human capital management (HCM) to transform your HR department in the light of its weaknesses and future prospects. Our team helps your company to build talent strategy, industrial compliance, retention strategies, and many other aspects to make your business more productive and efficient.

HR Administration

HR administration is another domain of HR management that our RPO provider is expert at. The HR administration staff that we hire for our client can provide a wide range of HR administration activities such as payroll management, development plans, management of personal data, handling tax processes, HR policy updating, leaves and vacation management, and other related jobs.

HR Employee Services

HR employee services are those activities and policies made by an employer to keep the employees motivated, content, and happy so that they remain committed to the company. The main activities of a dedicated HR department related to HR employee services include family leaves, flexible work hours, healthcare, saving plans, career development, loans, study support, and others. The HR staff our company hires can offer highly expert HR employee services to the clients remotely.

Customized HR Services

Customized HR services are those combo services that are built on the basis of the HR requirements of a particular company. This may include the variable requirement in different months and seasons, specific requirement in specific conditions, need for cross-functional team, and many other such requirements that are unique for every business. Our team of professionals are very well experienced at building a requirement-specific teams for our clients.

Top Services Offered by Dedicated Virtual Assistant We Hire

We hire a virtual assistant that is highly skilled, qualified, and experienced in the industry to provide a wide range of services that are part of their roles. The most important virtual assistance services offered by a dedicated virtual assistant we hire include the following:

Data Entry

Filling up different forms, updating databases, and inserting feedback data are a few major examples of the data entry process. The data entry and data processing staff that we hire for our clients can accomplish all such tasks related to data entry very effectively while working from a remote destination.

File Conversion Service

There are numerous formats used for storing the data on the computers such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, XML, and others. In certain reporting a particular format is needed in the routine business processes. The virtual assistants that we hire for our clients can convert data files from one format to another one to fully present the data in the desirable format.

Document Formatting Services

Document formatting is a very important service provided by the virtual assistants that we hire for our clients. A proper format and presentation of documents leave a great impression on the audience to achieve the desired response from them. The virtual back office support staff we hire provides highly professional-grade document formatting services for effective reporting purposes.

Image/Photo Editing & Cropping

Images and photos are extensively used in different processes such as marketing, sales, HR, and many others. Cropping and editing photos are very important processes to clean the photos from unwanted objects, reshaping images, rotating directions, and converting the formats. The virtual assistance staff we hire for our clients provide high-quality image or photo editing and cropping services.

OCR Processing Service

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a modern technology for converting the printed characters into the digital text. This technology uses a scanner with specialized software application to convert the printed data into digital text. The virtual assistants we hire can provide expert services of converting data through OCR processing services.

Backlog Management

There are different activities that are part of the backlog management process. The main objective of this process is to correct the course of activities to produce the best results of the activity by adjusting, modifying, prioritizing, removing, and adding certain attributes or parameters in processes. We hire highly expert virtual assistants to accomplish backlog management properly.

Administrative Support Services

Administrative support is a very large category of back office support services. It may include numerous generalized activities needed for managing the company’s resources, assets, and other stakeholders. The main activities of administrative support include managing office supply, partnering with contractors, communication intra/inter organizations, outsourcing exit interviews, and other processes etc. The virtual assistants we hire can provide administrative support services comprehensively.

Content Moderation Services

Sorting out and categorizing different types of content generated by the concerned people such as end-users, clients, contractors, and other stakeholders for allowing in certain applications in the business processes is known as content moderation services. In the online systems, content moderation is a very important service mostly accomplished by the admin staff through certain software tools. Virtual assistants hired by our team provide focused content moderation services easily.

Invoice Processing Services

Receiving bills, processing bills for payment, and getting pay off data and vouchers, and finally intimating the concerned contractor or partner is a cycle of invoice processing services that virtual assistants handle professionally.

Order Management Services

Receiving order details, processing for shipping, sending delivery, confirming shipments, and related activities are part of management services that are provided by the staff we hire for our clients.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Recruitment Partner

We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is one of the most attractive destinations for building back-office support teams remotely. There are numerous reasons to choose us as your back office remote recruiter as mentioned below:

Highly Specialized RPO Services

We are expert and focused at hiring the best talent for building an effective back-office remote team for our clients worldwide. Our team is very well aware of the technologies and trends used in the back-office support domain.


We are an HR services provider that offers faster scalability in either expanding or decreasing your back office support team within a very short period of time.

Access to Large Pool of Talent

We choose talent from one of the largest talent pools of Ukraine located in the Eastern Europe. Ukrainian people are highly tech-savvy and committed professionals.

High Quality Remote HR Solutions

Our company provides highly customized HR solutions that offer great value to our valued clients. We focus on hiring quality experts with greater quality/price ratio.

Ideal Geographical Location

Our IT staffing company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine is one of the most ideal and central locations for companies across all major regions of the world such as North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and others.

How Does Our Virtual Outsourced Recruiting Services Work?

Our talent sourcing, job application processing, and hiring service is based on a few professionally designed step-by-step activities to complete the cycle of remote recruitment as mentioned below:

#1. Requirement Assessment

In the step, our specialists gather and assess the requirements of our client for filling certain positions.In the step, our specialists gather and assess the requirements of our client for filling certain positions.

#2. Talent Sourcing

After assessing requirements, the talent sourcing through multiple channels such as internal databases, social media, referrals, job portals, and others is done by our recruiting experts.


A large number of relevant resumes are further filtered through certain automated tools and criteria to shortlist the most relevant resumes.

#4. Interviewing

After shortlisting, multiple rounds of interviews are conducted by our experts in collaboration with the clients in this step.

#5. Offer and Contract

Jobs are offered to those who succeeded in all interviews. It is done by our team in coordination with the client team. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, our team gets contracts signed from them with complete terms and conditions.

#6. Onboarding

The final step of our process is onboarding the hired client through orientation to the team and workflows.

If you are looking for a specialized back office support services provider, get in touch with us and learn more abour our RPO, HR and virtual assistance services!

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