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How Your Business Can Benefit from Human Resources Outsourcing

Human resources play an important role in your business operations but the different tasks can be time-consuming and prevent you from focusing on the core aspects of your business. An alternative to performing HR tasks in-house is human resources outsourcing. Here are some of the benefits of using HR outsourcing services.

benefits of hr outsourcing service
  • Save time: many HR tasks are administrative duties that require a great deal of time and paperwork. Transferring some of these tasks to a HR services provider will save time and free up your in-house staff to focus on other areas.
  • Improve recruitment: employee recruitment is an important HR area but in-house staff often has to divide their time between managing the hiring process and other responsibilities. A HR solutions company will assign a team of recruitment specialists to handle every step of the hiring process and devote 100 percent of their energies to filling vacant positions with qualified personnel.
  • Lower expenses: hiring an in-house HR team can be expensive. By using outsourced HR services you will reduce the number of salaries that you pay. In addition, when you outsource HR you only pay for the services that you use. Associated expenses such as office space and equipment will also be reduced.
  • Specialized HR skills: many areas of HR require specialized skills. Having a dedicated HR department provided by an outsourcing firm ensures that every aspect of your company’s human resources is being handled by a qualified expert in that particular area.
  • Improved employee benefits and experience: depending on the remote HR solutions you choose, you may be able to obtain better benefit options such as insurance for your employees. In addition your business will provide a better employee experience because HR tasks such as claims processing are handled more effectively, thus improving employee retention.

There is no doubt that outsourcing back office services like human resources provides a number of advantages to your business.

In-House HR vs. Remote HR Solutions

While dedicated human resources staffing through an outsourcing firm offers a number of benefits you will want to consider how it compares overall to hiring in-house HR employees. The following table looks at how services from a HR solutions provider compare to those provided by HR in-house staff. 

CriteriaIn-House Human ResourcesRemote Human Resources Solutions
SalariesThe salaries when you hire HR manager and other HR professionals can be quite high and especially difficult for smaller companies to manageOutsourcing HR will lower your expenses. Your company will only pay for the services it uses and it is possible to get better rates from benefits providers like insurance companies. Some associated costs such as office space and equipment will also be eliminated
Skills and QualificationsWhen hiring in-house HR staff it is up to you to make sure they possess the necessary skills and qualifications to provide all your HR needs. If you overlook an area such as labor regulations or payroll taxes you can be looking at substantial financial penaltiesA remote HR provider has extensive experience in all areas of HR. The entire focus of their company is providing HR services. They have the expertise and experience to provide all the services you need and ensure you are in compliance with all laws and regulations
TimeHR responsibilities can take up a lot of time even in smaller businesses. If your company can’t afford full-time HR staff, time will have to be taken from other areas of responsibility to deal with HR tasksWhen you outsource HR tasks your in-house personnel will have more time to focus on other duties, improving overall productivity
Level of ControlWith in-house HR you retain complete control over all HR functions and the employees responsible for them. It may make it easier to keep on top of any HR issues that ariseBy outsourcing HR tasks you are passing a certain amount of control to a third party which can make some business owners and managers nervous
PersonalizationIn-house HR can offer more personalized services especially in smaller companiesHR outsourcing services provided may not be as personalized 
Speed of RecruitmentRecruitment using in-house HR staff can take longer to find qualified candidates and your personnel will also be distracted from recruiting by other HR responsibilities Outsourced services will provide improved recruitment for your company as the HR provider will have a team of specialists devoted only to fill vacancies with qualified candidates
ConfidentialityAll sensitive information is kept in-houseSensitive information about your business and employees will have to be shared with the HR services provider

The advantages of using remote HR solutions clearly outweigh the benefits of an in-house human resources team. The areas of concern when outsourcing can be alleviated by properly researching the HR provider and even working with them on a smaller scale until you are confident in their abilities and service.

About Our Online HR Solutions

We are a reliable HR outsourcing firm based in Kyiv, Ukraine that offers a full range of human resources services. Our company is capable of assuming all or part of your HR tasks. With our access to a large pool of experienced and skilled HR specialists, we are able to ensure that you receive effective human resources services that will help keep your business operations running smoothly.

We know that every business is different and has different needs. Our human resource BPO service is highly customizable and we can tailor an HR team to fit your specific requirements. Whether you want to outsource a single area such as payroll services or have us handle multiple HR tasks you can depend on our remote HR services to fulfill your human resources needs.

Outsource HR Support We Offer Our Clients

Our company offers a wide range of services to our clients depending on their requirements. The following are some of the services available when you outsource HR through our company.

Employee Benefits Management

Businesses provide a number of benefits to employees such as healthcare, savings plans, career development, family leave, study support and more to ensure that their employees remain motivated, content and committed to the company. Our employee benefits management services assist your company by administering the various benefits programs such as insurance that you offer your employees. This can include assistance with enrollment in programs, adding new employees to the system, answering employee questions regarding coverage and claims and ensuring the collection of employee benefit contributions. The benefits specialist is also responsible for staying up to date on status changes and ensuring all information is accurate.

HR Admin and Payroll Services

Outsourced payroll and HR administration services can cover a variety of areas.  Our paycheck management and corporate payroll services can include collecting the necessary data for time-tracking, handling benefits deductions from employee’s salaries, payroll setup, calculation and filing of payroll taxes, keeping track of paid time off, tracking vacation pay and other tasks associated with payroll processing. Other HR administration services could include HR policy updating, management of personal data, paperwork for new hire onboarding, bookkeeping and other administrative services.

Risk Management and HR-Related Compliance Services

Our employment risk management services ensure your company is complying with all relevant labor laws and practices. When you outsource risk management to our company we make sure you follow hiring and workplace practices that don’t violate any local or national laws where you are operating. Our risk manager remote specialists are very familiar with employment law and regulatory requirements that can affect your business. Compliance issues can be complicated but with the help of our specialists you can avoid penalties. With our risk mitigation consulting services we can identify problem areas, develop a plan to resolve potential issues and provide guidance on implementing a strategy. Our specialists can also assist in creating an employee handbook that clearly states your organizations policies.

HR Support Services

Our outsourced HR support services provide assistance to your business employees. The goal of small business HR outsourcing is to assist you with keeping your staff happy and motivated by providing services to help them. The online HR services we provide can handle many of the common issues employees have such as responding to questions regarding pay, benefits, leave and other concerns. Support services also include training and development programs for employees, performance appraisals and feedback, career management and other types of employee services. This can not only help improve performance and productivity but also increase employee commitment to your company and improve staff retention.

Talent Management Services

The talent management services we provide will assist you with the recruitment and hiring of employees as well as employee development and retention. Specialists from our company know where to source the talent you need and how to attract them to your company. Candidate assessments, testing, candidate screening, scheduling interviews and on-boarding new employees are among the services offered. Our remote talent development manager will also provide employee training and performance management services. We use employment practices solutions that treat employees with respect and inspire commitment to your company and brand. Additional services include employee performance goal management, performance reviews, identification of employee skill-gaps and maintaining employee performance records.

Talent Consulting Services

We offer a variety of talent consulting services to our clients. Our talent management consulting specialists will help you develop a talent strategy and establish goals and objectives for talent activities as well as establish KPIs to measure performance. They will also work with you in developing a strategy to retain talent and come up with tools and goals to motivate employees. The talent development consulting services we provide will work with you to help improve your workforce. This includes developing a strategy to acquire the right mix of employees to meet short and long-term goals and improve talent recruiting. Some of the other services consist of developing leadership skills in employees, assessing your team’s skills to identify gaps in capabilities and provide training to improve productivity.

Other HR Services

Aside from those covered above we offer a variety of other HR services including performance management and HR consulting services. In addition to HR outsourcing, we also offer other BPO services such as a virtual assistance service.

HR Specialists We Offer Our Clients

A human resources team requires expertise in different areas. Here are some of the types of HR specialists we can provide for our clients.

types of hr specialists we provide

HR Coordinator

A human resources coordinator is expected to act as a liaison between HR management and employees and they are often the first point of contact when employees have an inquiry or problem for the HR department. The HR coordinator remote specialist we hire for you will facilitate all key HR functions and programs including issues raised by employees and other matters related to compensation and benefits, employee relations or other things related to employment.  They may be involved with the recruitment and on-boarding of new employees, organizing performance reviews, and assisting with a variety of HR administrative duties. Responding to both internal and external HR-related queries is also among their duties. These specialists ensure HR activities are functioning well so your business runs smoothly.

HR Generalist 

An HR generalist is often used by smaller businesses to handle a variety of responsibilities. When we provide a HR generalist remote specialist for your company they can assist with multiple administrative, strategic and compliance duties. These can include maintaining employee records, administering benefits and payroll, tax reporting and providing other documentation required by government regulations. They can also assist with employee recruitment, manage performance reviews and deal with individual and organizational development planning. Our HR generalists are familiar with human resource information systems and other specialty HR technologies. 

Payroll and Benefits Specialist

The payroll and benefits specialist from our company can oversee and manage all of your company’s compensation procedures including payroll, insurance, savings plans and others and ensure they are accurate and completed in a timely fashion. They will be responsible for preparing and processing documentation, monitoring employee attendance and schedules, collecting and organizing timesheets, updating databases, preparing and processing invoices and maintaining records of transactions. Other tasks they can perform include managing paid time off for staff, track payroll accounts and generating payroll reports. Our specialists are proficient in the use of human resource information systems and will use them to record and process changes to payroll, handle benefit deductions and make adjustments and corrections as needed.

HR Compliance Specialist

The human resources compliance specialist has the responsibility of ensuring compliance with government regulations with respect to employees’ welfare and working conditions as well as making sure that employees comply with a company’s internal policies. Some of the tasks a HR compliance specialist we hire for you can perform are staying up-to-date on any legislative and regulatory changes related to employees and ensuring HR policies, systems and practices reflect those changes, drafting policies and procedures to improve your company’s compliance and provide compliance-related training to employees. The HR compliance specialist is also responsible for managing leave of absence notices and requests and ensuring any leave of absence is properly documented and maintained following applicable legal requirements. They may also conduct background checks on potential employees and assist is investigating work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses.

Employee Training Manager

A training manager is an HR specialist who helps companies by developing and overseeing training programs for employees. Some of the duties the employee training manager we provide for you can perform are identifying and assessing the training needs of your company and developing individualized and group training programs that focus on those needs. This will also include creating training manuals that produce concrete results and implementing effective training methods. The training specialist will also evaluate performance to ensure training is producing the desired results. Assessing individual employees’ skills and performance to identify areas for improvement is also the responsibility of the training specialist. They will also select and manage resources to develop and deliver training and will be responsible for managing the training budget. A good training manager will increase employees’ effectiveness and improve overall productivity.

HRIS Analyst 

A human resources information system (HRIS) is HR software that is used to collect and store data on a company’s employees. Our HRIS analyst remote specialist will be responsible for overseeing the databases and software that make up the system including monitoring performance and resolving any issues. The HRIS encompasses all the functionalities of HR including applicant tracking for recruitment, payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance and more.  The specialist will consult with each HR department to determine their HRIS needs, analyze various HRIS performance metrics and resolve any application issues. The human resources information system is used by every HR department and our HRIS analyst will ensure it is functioning as it should and provide any HRIS technical support needed by other departments. Our specialists are familiar with the top HRIS software such as Oracle, Workday, Kronos and many others.

We can provide any type of HR specialist you need to ensure you have a complete human resources team that meets all of your requirements.

Outsourcing your HR operations can bring about efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. This way, you can streamline HR processes, improve employee engagement, and enhance decision-making, resulting in a more productive and satisfied workforce.

How Do We Provide HR Outsourcing Services?

We have a simple and effective process for hiring a remote human resources manager or any other HR specialists for clients.

  1. Complete the contact form. Once it’s done, we will email you to arrange a discussion.
  2. Fact finding. We have an in depth discussion with you regarding your specific HR requirements. We will then help you to specify the specific specialists that you need to recruit prior to actually starting the recruitment process.
  3. Recruiting. We will do all of the work to pull together a pool of candidates that meet all of your specific needs. You can then select those that you feel will best work with your business. All recruiting decisions are down to you to ensure you get the personnel that you want.
  4. Contracts. We will help you with contracts as well as defining all roles and responsibilities for your new team.
hire skilled hr specialists

What Makes Us Stand Out from Other HR Outsourcing Agencies

There are many HR outsourcing providers on the market today and businesses looking for human resources services have a lot of options. Here are a few of the ways we stand out from other HR agencies in our industry.

  • Skilled and experienced HR specialists: our company has access to a large pool of experienced and skilled HR specialists with backgrounds in diverse industries. We verify all of our HR specialist’s qualifications to ensure you can provide your employees the best human resources services possible.
  • We listen to you: we tailor our human resource services to meet your specific needs and requirements. Every company is different and we make sure you get exactly the HR services you need. If your requirements change we can adapt as necessary with no disruption in your services.
  • Lower expenses: our company is based in Ukraine and salaries for our HR specialists are significantly lower than those for equally qualified professionals in Western Europe and North America, plus you will only be paying for the HR services you need. In addition you will eliminate some associated costs such as equipment and office space.
  • We can grow with your needs: we can scale up your HR services quickly as your company grows without any loss in the quality of service.

Ukraine has been growing in popularity as an outsourcing destination for several years. Here are some of the reasons Ukrainian specialists are in demand:

  • Well educated and large talent pool: there are many excellent colleges and universities in Ukraine which has created a large pool of well educated specialists in a variety of fields with experience in diverse industries.
  • Multiple languages: the majority of professionals in Ukraine are fluent in English. In addition many of them are proficient in other languages as well.
  • Easy to work with: Ukraine has a similar work culture to that in most of Western Europe and North America. As they share the same work values it makes it much easier to find people with the qualifications you need who are also a good fit for your company.
  • Easy to reach and communicate with: it so happens that there is only a 1 hour time difference between Ukraine and most of Western Europe. Working hours in Ukraine also overlap with those in parts of North America. This simplifies communication between you and your HR team.
  • Less expensive: salaries in Ukraine are much less than those in Western Europe and North America for the same level of skills and experience.

For high quality HR services contact us for your human resources outsourcing needs!