IT RPO Staffing Services

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is when a business transfers all or part of its employee hiring process to a third-party provider. The recruitment process outsourcing provider is able to assume responsibility for all of a company’s hiring activities from beginning to end including sourcing talent, screening candidates and onboarding new employees among other things. RPOs use remote talent sourcing agents who specialize in the hiring process and are familiar with the industry they are recruiting for.

Reasons to Use RPO Recruiting Services

Finding and hiring new employees for your business can be both time-consuming and expensive. For this reason many companies are turning to RPO staffing companies to handle the hiring process for them. There are a number of benefits to using the RPO recruiting model.

  • Saves time: the longer important positions remain vacant, the bigger the chance of disruptions in your operations. By using recruitment process outsourcing services you can fill positions faster as they have access to talent pools they can draw on with little notice. A remote talent sourcer can quickly find qualified and experience candidates that meet your requirements and ensure they are also a good fit for your company.
  • Better quality hires: offshore recruitment process outsourcing firms are very familiar with the industries they hire for and have access to a large talent pool. They know where to find the best talent and what it takes to attract them to your company. While your in-house staff that handles employee recruitment has other responsibilities in addition to hiring, a virtual talent acquisition specialist can focus 100% of their time and effort to finding the best possible candidates to fill vacant positions.
  • Flexible: outsourced recruiting services can be adjusted to meet your current hiring requirements. If you have a lot of vacant positions to fill, recruitment activities can be scaled up, while during a slower period recruitment activities can be scaled back. You also have the option to outsource the entire recruitment process or only certain tasks.
  • Hiring regulation compliance: every country has different laws and regulations when it comes to hiring. The RPO virtual headhunter that works with your business will be familiar with the labor laws in the regions they serve and will ensure your company is in compliance with the local regulations.
  • Reduced recruiting expenses: using a RPO provider will reduce your cost per hire. Working with a RPO recruiter will make the hiring process more efficient and fill vacant positions faster thereby increasing productivity. Recruitment activities can be scaled up or down based on your requirements and you only pay for the services needed. There is also the added benefit of freeing up your in-house HR staff to focus on other activities.
types of recruitment process outsourcing services

There are 4 main types of RPO services an overseas recruitment agency can provide:

  1. Project-based RPO services: the project-based RPO model is ideal for jobs or projects that have a specific scope and timeline with defined goals. It is generally used when there are short-term hiring needs for specific projects.
  2. Recruiters on demand: this is a very flexible RPO model that is perfect for companies with hiring requirements that often vary due to new projects or some other reason. On demand recruitment processing outsourcing service can handle a company’s sudden changes in staffing requirements and ensure your business has the talent you require when you need them.
  3. Hybrid RPO model: using the hybrid RPO model entails transferring part of the recruitment process to an RPO provider while retaining control of part of the process in-house. Your in-house team can focus on the areas where they are strongest while you outsource the rest.
  4. End-to-end RPO model: this is a full-service hiring solution where the RPO agency assumes responsibility for the entire recruitment process. The RPO provider takes care of everything from candidate sourcing, interviewing, making offers and the onboarding of new hires among other things. End-to-end RPO services are well suited for a company’s ongoing recruitment needs and could continue for multiple years.

Each RPO model has its advantages and you should evaluate your needs to determine which is best for your company.

Choosing a Good RPO Provider

There are many agencies offering RPO services but not every provider will be able to provide exactly what you need. Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing an RPO provider to partner with.

  • Industry knowledge: one of the first things to look at is whether the RPO is familiar with your industry. RPO firms tend to specialize in certain industries and you will want to work with one who is experienced in your field.
  • Quality of talent: this is another important factor when selecting a RPO agency. Naturally you want to hire high quality staff to fill important positions. The RPO provider should have a good process for screening and verifying a candidate’s qualifications. They should also be willing to replace the candidate at no charge if the new hire doesn’t work out in the first couple of months.
  • Recruitment time: you want to know that the RPO agency can provide the staff you need when you need them. It is important that they be able to meet your schedule.
  • Recruitment volume: the size of the talent pool the RPO firm has access to can be a critical factor if you are filling a lot of positions. You need to be sure they can provide the number of personnel you need to hire.
  • Regions served: obviously the agency you work with should provide their service in the country you require and have experience in dealing with the rules and regulations governing employment in that country.
  • Available services: the RPO staffing company must provide the particular services that you need. Can they take care of compliance issues? Do they handle onboarding new hires and do they offer training. The best RPO companies will be able to offer you a full range of services and adapt them to fit your needs.
  • Background: a recruitment process outsourcing agency’s experience working with other companies can tell you a lot about them. Good RPO providers will provide case studies and referrals so that you can check how their performance was when working with other businesses

Choosing an RPO provider to work with is not a decision to be taken lightly as it will affect the future of your business.

About Our RPO Recruiter Services

We are an RPO provider based in Kyiv, Ukraine with a focus on IT recruitment process outsourcing. Our company can assist you with every step of the IT staffing and recruitment process. Whether you need to fill a single position or build a complete development team our specialists know how to find top IT talent and attract them to your company. 

It can be difficult to find IT professionals with the right qualifications to meet your specific needs but we have a large pool of high-quality IT talent to draw from that includes specialized and hard-to-find skill sets. Our back office support services include everything from sourcing top IT talent to screening, interviewing, onboarding and training new hires.

 The IT recruitment services we offer can be tailored to meet your specific needs. End-to-end recruitment services are available or a technical talent sourcer can handle any specific part of your recruiting activities for you. Just let us know what you need and our IT staffer specialists will take care of the rest.

By partnering with a specialized RPO provider, firms can leverage industry-specific knowledge and expansive networks, ensuring that they secure top-tier talent without the administrative burden of traditional hiring. For startups and SMEs wary of the financial implications of onboarding a full-time CTO or the associated overheads, understanding virtual cto pricing is crucial. Not only does it allow for budgetary planning, but it also opens up avenues for flexible leadership, harnessing the expertise of a CTO as needed, while simultaneously benefiting from the prowess of RPO staffing for comprehensive IT recruitment.

Why Choose Our RPO Staffing Services Instead of Doing It Yourself 

Outsourcing your employee hiring activities to technician staffing agencies has some definite advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for outsourcing the recruitment process through our IT recruitment company rather than handling the hiring process in-house.

CriteriaOur IT Recruiting and Staffing CompanyTraditional In-house Recruitment
Recruitment focusWe specialize in the IT recruitment process and 100 percent of our focus is on finding top IT talentIn-house recruitment personnel have other responsibilities aside from recruitment so won’t be completely focused on finding and hiring talent
Candidate qualificationsBecause of  the large IT talent pool we have to draw from we can easily find well-qualified candidates to fill positionsIt can be difficult to find local IT talent with the qualifications you need, so you may be forced to hire somebody under-qualified and train them into the position
Size of talent poolQualified IT professionals can be found and hired quickly due to the size of our talent poolFinding IT professionals that meet your requirements can take months 
Ability to scale manpowerOur recruiting activities can easily be scaled up or scaled down depending on your current hiring needsWhen staffing needs go up you have to hire extra personnel to handle the recruitment process and when volume falls you either have idle employees or have to let somebody go
Staff productivityUsing our RPO services will save you money. Faster hires mean increased productivity and you only pay for the recruitment services that you currently need. Associated costs like office space and equipment will be eliminatedYou have to pay in-house personnel even when your staffing needs go down and with a longer recruitment process productivity will be lower.

These are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to outsource your hiring process to our IT recruitment agency.

RPO Recruitment Services We Offer

We offer a full array of IT RPO services to fulfill all of your recruitment needs. The following are some of the services tech job recruiters from our company can provide.

Talent Attraction and Sourcing Service

We know where to go to find the best IT talent. Through networking and other means, we have developed a large pool of top IT professionals we can draw on. Not only do we know where the talent is, our information technology headhunters know what it takes to attract them to your business by representing your company and brand in the right way.

Talent Advisory Solutions

An IT recruitment consultant from our company can work with you to not only recruit the right specialists to fill current openings but to hire strategically to employ IT professionals who will also contribute to achieving future goals. Our talent advisory service helps you to plan ahead when recruiting IT professionals. We will also assist you with setting benchmarks for different stages of the recruitment process and determine which of your recruitment strategies are functioning as well as identify areas that need improvement. Our goal is to help you develop a successful long-term talent acquisition strategy.

Talent Management

Hiring IT specialists is only part of the solution. Employee retention is just as important. Our talent management services help you to retain top talent and avoid workforce turnover.  IT talent sourcer specialists from our company will ensure that the specialists hired are a good fit for your organization and work with you to create an environment that encourages employees to stay with your company

Employer Branding Services

Our branding services assist you with identifying the different qualities and characteristics of your company that differentiate you from other businesses and which prospective employees will find attractive. This helps in attracting potential employees and helps with retention

End-to-End Recruitment Services

Our end-to-end recruitment services will handle every aspect of your hiring process. Generally, this is a long-term talent acquisition strategy that can cover your hiring needs for multiple years. This full-cycle service begins with sourcing and attracting talent and can include processing of job applications, candidate screening, candidate assessments including testing, scheduling interviews, managing the on-boarding process, compliance monitoring and handling exit interviews. With this service you only need to inform us of your hiring requirements and our IT headhunters will take care of everything from beginning to end.

On-Demand Recruitment Services

If your company’s staffing requirements tend to fluctuate then our on-demand recruitment services may be just what you need. As with end-to-end recruitment a virtual IT recruiter can handle all aspects of the hiring process or you may choose to only outsource certain components of it while you manage the rest. The main difference between on-demand recruitment and end-to-end is the time frame covered. Our on-demand recruitment services generally cover a shorter time period lasting a few weeks or months and are designed to meet the short-term hiring requirements of your business when staffing needs experience an increase. After staffing needs are fulfilled the team can be released and if necessary rehired again at a later date. 

Additional Recruitment Services

We offer services for every component of the recruitment process. Some of the other services we offer include compliance and risk management, workforce planning and recruitment of rare and hard to find IT specialists. In addition to recruitment process outsourcing, we also offer human resources outsourcing services to help you lower expenses and provide better service to your employees.

Find IT Professionals with Our Recruiters

We provide IT staffing services for diverse industries which will often necessitate hiring different types of IT specialists. The following are some of the types of IT professionals we can recruit for our clients:

  • Applications architect
  • Big data engineers
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger specialists
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Cloud computing specialists
  • Data scientist
  • Data security analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Desktop support analyst
  • Front end developer
  • Help desk technician tier 1/2/3
  • Information systems security manager
  • IoT specialists
  • Mobile application developer
  • Network architect
  • Programmer analyst
  • Software developer
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems engineer
  • UI/UX designers

Industries Our Remote Talent Sourcing Can Support

Recruiting talent for startups in diverse tech industries is something our company excels at.  The following are some of the industries a startup recruiter from our company can serve.

industries for remote talent sourcing


EdTech combines hardware and software with the application of educational theory into a package that aids and improves students’ learning experience. Our EdTech recruiting services can assist you with sourcing and hiring the IT specialists that are in demand in the industry such as programmers experienced in HTML, Ruby, Node.JS, C#, JavaScript and other programming languages. Data science skills including SQL, Python, R and others are also sought after in addition to UX design and cyber security specialists. Our EdTech recruiters will quickly find the qualified specialists you need to complete your team.


A wide variety of financial services fall under the FinTech umbrella including investment apps, online banking, mobile payment apps, cryptocurrency, online lenders and others. Our FinTech headhunters know where to source the IT talent that is currently in demand in the industry such as machine learning and AI specialists and programmers experienced in Python, C++ and Java. Other in-demand specialists our recruiter can hire for you include blockchain and distributed ledger experts as well as cyber security specialists. Your FinTech team will be up and running faster than you thought possible.


Our MarTech recruiters can find the specialists you need who are experts with the tools and software used by today’s online marketers. There are hundreds of different tools used by online marketers and the particular group used by a business is referred to as the marketing stack. Our marketing recruitment service will help you build a team that has all the necessary skills and experience to work with your particular marketing stack, or if you prefer, they can assemble a team who will put together an effective marketing stack for you. A bewildering array of marketing tools and software is available but you can rest assured the MarTech specialists we hire for you will be well qualified to handle the task. 


A BioTech recruiter from our company will be able to source and hire programmers for in-demand languages in the field. Python, R and JavaScript programmers are highly sought after. Other IT specialists that BioTech firms are looking for include Cloud computing experts as well as extensive experience in cyber security. Just let our BioTech recruitment specialists know your needs and they will deliver the team you require.


Our AdTech recruiters are tasked with sourcing and hiring specialists experienced and qualified to work with the software and tools used to develop strategies, set up and manage digital advertising activities. You need to hire AdTech specialists with expertise in the different data management platforms, ad exchanges and other tools of the trade and our recruiters know where to find them and how to get them onboard with your company. We can handle every step of the process or any individual hiring component depending on your specific needs.

Additional Tech Industries

The above are just a few examples of the industries we serve. Other tech start-ups we can recruit for include PropTech, InsurTech, eCommerce and others. Whether you need AdTech/FinTech talent acquisition & consulting services or assistance recruiting IT specialists for some other industry we are here to help you build your team.

recruitment process outsourcing provider

How Our Outsourced Recruiting Services Work

The process we use for recruiting IT talent for our clients is simple and effective and consists of the following basic steps:

  1. Complete the contact form and you will receive our welcome email.
  2. Provide our representatives information about your specific hiring needs for potential remote IT specialists and let us know what your expectations are. Once we have this information we will begin the recruiting process.
  3. We assemble a team of candidates to be approved by you. All final decisions on which candidates to hire or not is left entirely up to you. Once you have approved of the IT specialists we have found for you that is it and you have your team.
  4. Sign a contract that sets forth the duties, objectives and assignments for your new team.
  5. Our dedicated RPO professionals can help you grow your team and business as needed.

To build a first-rate tech team contact us and hire top tech talent through our IT recruitment services!